The Fermentation Room | This is where the magic happens!
The Fermentation RoomThis is where the magic happens!


The law requires that you pay for the ingredients before the process is started as we are not permitted to own any product that is being made into wine. We do all the hard work for you including racking, stabilizing and filtering and when the wine is ready we notify you so you can decide on an appointment time to come in to bottle. You can bring in your own clean bottles from home or buy new ones from us.    When you arrive the bottles are sanitized and an automatic filling machine fills the bottles which are then corked.     You can add custom or generic labels and shrink caps to give your wine a finished appearance if you wish.  We assist you at every step.  It is just that simple! 

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed on every batch. The law permits you to sample your wine before bottling but we are not permitted to give you samples from other finished batches on site.

With today’s innovative technology non-commercial wines are often nicer than a comparable commercial wine. The biggest difference is PRICE. Also, our wines are not laden with preservatives as many commercial wines are so they provide a very affordable and healthier alternative